28 February 2014

Food Yoga

hi guys, i've been thinking a lot about food and researching and experimenting on myself.

basically food is everything in our lives, and the easiest way to prove this is to stop eating for 2 days and see how your thoughts and emotions and personality all change.

the best diet that i have discovered is mango dal with brown rice and a lot of buttermilk made from plain yogurt, water, and salt. also a couple of pieces of fresh fruit every few days is enough for fresh vitamins and a trace amount of minerals.

water is more important than food. but if we drink too much water in comparison to how much we eat, we lose our grounding, so the more food we eat, the more water we should drink.

when it comes to diet, ayurveda can't be beat because the incorporation of milk products is very holy and grounding to the brain.

a vegan diet is really good for a few months, but in the end it almost never is sustainable, whereas lacto-vegetarianism is perfectly sustainable.

otherwise, you can run into iodine as well as vitamin b-12 deficiency.

the fruitarian diet is a great goal to aspire to, but you have to train your body to go in that direction, and it probably isn't worth it. the only way to train your body in that direction is to follow a middle path, such as blending frozen strawberries with ice cream and drink fruit milkshakes all day.

06 February 2014

What to do with my Life?

i have been thinking about what to do with my life.

basically, each opportunity is a different life.

if i stay here in india, i won't have to work. on the other hand, if i go back to los angeles, it is very likely that i will have to do some job.

and if i were to leave california, i probably would just become a doctor from a caribbean medical school that isn't recognized in california.

i am finding that each choice leads to a different lifestyle.

i think i need to spend some time back in the u.s. to figure out what i want to do.

i probably will go back to america in a couple of years.

there are some perks to just staying in india, but the problem is that no one understands my english accent here, so constantly i feel like an outsider.

the weather is good though, and the internet is fast.

and of course they have domino's pizza here which is way better than the domino's in america.

here i would be nearly completely dependent on my wife because she speaks and reads the local language.

in california, none of the jobs look appealing to me. they all seem to be pretty low-level type jobs and probably wouldn't appeal to an ambitious personality.

outside of california, becoming a doctor seems like a good option, but i am very sensitive to living in a location with all white people with cold weather. usually it's really hard to make friends in such a community and i tend to get depressed with cold weather and snow. of course, the job would be pretty easy because it would be routine, and it is very likely that ultimately i could earn enough money to build a big house.

probably becoming a high school teacher in california seems to be the best option. so far i have no experience with managing a budget, so i have to learn that when i go back to america.

i could go to law school in california but i would end up in a lot of debt and just end up postponing my career opportunities. also, i don't like dressing up all the time and being under the scrutiny of a judge. a doctor has a lot more freedom and respect.

i think i could pass in medical school this time because i am married and life is a lot easier now having a good friend to share time with.

it may look easy to live in india and not work, but not working is also very stressful because you have nothing to do, and it is nearly impossible to have any outside social life here. the only social life is to go see telugu movies and buy vegetables and fruits.

my mind is flip-flopping. at certain times i feel like being a business teacher in california is the best bet, and at other times i feel like going back to medical school is the best bet.

04 February 2014

Masochism as a Path to Enlightenment

there is no point to many things in life. we jump from one achievement to another achievement.

for the past week i've been on a special diet on just fresh fruits and boiled vegetables.

it has been a great experience because i am feeling a great connection with the food that i am eating and can really see the value of eating from the rainbow in the sense of eating a bunch of foods with different colors.

however, now gradually i am feeling an increased connection with fruits as opposed to vegetables, because fruits don't require any processing or cooking.

so i am thinking of eating only fruits tomorrow to see what happens. i may eat only 500 calories or 5,000 calories. all i know is that there is no purpose to this diet. i can't do it to lose weight or get healthier blood because no diet can assure those things with 100% certainty.

i can't do it to live a long life or any tangible purpose at all. the moment you attach a purpose to something in life, you set yourself up for potential disappointment.

the only thing is that i am choosing to change the frequency of the fuel that i am using to fuel the body. instead of eating dense food, i would like to experience the lightness of fresh fruits.

if i do this for 6 months, i might gain 40 pounds or lose 40 pounds. it all depends which website you read! from my own past experience of being on fruit only diets, it is the most rapidly slimming diet.

also i plan to do no physical activity at all, so i will just be lying in the bed or walking around the apartment.

the biggest difficulty is going to be psychological because the temptation to eat other cooked foods is going to be there due to the addiction of eating. most likely it will be the unnecessary suffering and the pointlessness of life that comes to the surface.

because instead of eating fresh fruits, i could eat pizza, right? and who knows, eating pizza might bring about better health and increased longevity.

that's why i say that i can't do this for any purpose at all. it has to be totally purposeless.

and i have the same strategy for my life and career as well. when i go back to america, i could go to medical, law, business, or some other kind of school. or i could get a job, or do no job at all. the thing is that whatever you do, you have to do it with no fixed goal and no purpose at all.

really the whole purpose of life is just to have a good social experience, if there is any purpose at all.

you can go to medical school with no intention of becoming a doctor or practicing medicine. or you could have the biggest goals of becoming the next Surgeon General.

it doesn't really matter what you do in life because life has a great mystical and spiritual component to it where unexpected or unplanned things happen.

and you could use the purposelessness of life to go in two opposite directions. you could say life is purposeless so why not enjoy and eat pizza every single day. or you could say that life is purposeless and therefore you should eat fresh fruits every single day and one day become a waterian or breatharian.

the best part of eating only fruits is that it makes you so depressed that you feel you are not enjoying life at all. at least this has been my experience in the recent past. but there is great beauty in discontentment. there is great beauty in the grey skies.

in fact, it is my belief that only through great discontentment with life you attain various levels of enlightenment.

to me, there is no point in trying. the only thing worth trying is probably a fruit diet. but there is no point in trying to get a certain job or career. it's far better to drop out of society and not participate in it.

it's far better to just be locked in your room and do nothing. because only when you do that can you really go outside. it's a total paradox.

it's weird that a highly educated person would not want to go after the common goals of money and status. that he doesn't want to be a doctor, lawyer, banker, or IT professional. he doesn't mind just putting his life in the hands of God or the Universe.

the money is there while it's there and if/when it runs out, it just runs out. there is no inner desire to fight against fate. you may end up homeless and die on the streets and that may be a far better outcome than being a doctor and dealing with the daily stress of trying to outdo others and yourself trying to make more and more money.

but what i write here will change tomorrow and the opposite side of the coin will be presented, that it's great to be a doctor or lawyer. that's it's great to be social and in society going to parties, bars, and clubs. that it's great to eat intuitively and thoroughly make love to your food.

the biggest thing with this fruit diet is, is that i want to suffer. i want to experience the lightheadedness. that i want to experience the total lack of pleasure from eating. basically i want to experience so much discontentment from this diet, that i want to transcend the need or enjoyment for food all together.

this is because food is our greatest downfall. because we eat foods for pleasure, we suffer from many diseases. my hypothesis is that if i eat fruits for no pleasure and no satisfaction, that i will actually become happy for no reason at all.

so i guess you could say that in a way i am seeking a certain level of enlightenment through the masochistic strict fruitarian diet. also somewhere in my mind i feel that it will help me get back in shape, but even if it produces the opposite effect, that's okay.

the problem with eating for pleasure is that there is no limit to that pleasure and it can make you go crazy or become a maniac. you want the pleasure so much from food that it gives you grandiose delusions that you will be a famous movie star or rap star, that you will be a kind of playboy. often i found my only reason for living was to eat pizza, the pleasure from eating pizza.

so tomorrow i want to go ahead and experience the total lack of pleasure, the total annihilation of the ego or whatever you call it.

i could go for maybe 30 or 60 days without eating at all, but that would be too much for me. so this way i will get some nutrition and calories in order for the brain to function, but there won't be much pleasure at all.

but as i write this, my thinking could change within the next 5 minutes and i could say the exact opposite that i would eat pizza everyday for the next 60 days.

you might say that i am a bipolar maniac and label me, but my observation is that everyone in the world is a bipolar maniac, and the real bipolar maniacs are the most spiritually advanced people on the planet. they are just going for too much pleasure than they can handle.

because when i am a maniac i have so much inner pleasure that i'm already the rap star or already the bollywood star. and no amount of tablets can cure this condition or tendency because we are all bipolar.

the key is to just become enlightened, and the only real way is through massive self-restraint and self-torture or penance. the greatness of Osho was that all his teaching of living life to the fullest was that the exact opposite was the greater truth.

you shouldn't live life to laugh and enjoy. you should live life to fail and get disappointed. you should eat only healthy foods with no taste instead of fried foods or pizza with the greatest taste, even if the pizza eater will be healthier and live longer than you.

it's all about determination to just try a rigid path till you are exhausted. that's the whole value of virtue. that's why the relgions said to be celibate and not drink and not eat meat and things like that.

the whole point is to accumulate more and more energy and become stronger and stronger and stronger. but very few people can do this and become breatharians or waterians. most people think it's impossible. but the body can be trained to just run on water or fruit juice.

it's not how strong your body is, but rather how strong your mind is.

30 January 2014

Necessity is the Mother of all Invention

I am thinking about what to do for my career or job.

What I feel is that necessity is the mother of all invention.

Right now I don't feel like doing a job, so instead I spend most of my time on the Internet reading things as well as thinking about the nature of success.

When I was in ramachandrapuram (india) last year, I would often not go out to eat because of the language barrier. But when I got too hungry, that thinking was overriden and I would go out and get something to eat.

So I have experienced very fully that necessity is the mother of all invention. Similarly, last year I was twice locked out of my apartment because the security gate was locked. I had to somehow communicate to somebody downstairs to use the phone to call my cousin to unlock the door. And it was really difficult for me. I was considering even sleeping outside for the night.

And so I've realized that all of life is simply a game and a movie.

We don't know where success comes from. You can be a Harvard graduate and end up in Prison or you can be a Harvard graduate and end up the richest man in the world.

Right now is an interesting time in my life where I am just living and not doing anything towards any goal. It's as if I am retired. I just wake up late and go on the computer or I talk to myself for an hour about the nature of life/success.

It's as if I am an undecided major in college. I am just living without any direction or real purpose. My ideas may blow in any direction like the wind.

And yet deep inside I know that this is the only way to live, essentially surrendering yourself to the Universe.

You can become a multi-millionaire through a variety of ways, and none of them are laid in stone. Each person's method is unique.

My main thing is to just be happy, but today a big change has occurred and I see that it is okay to be unhappy for some time in order to achieve a greater happiness down the road.

The same thing with meditation and breathing exercises. I am planning to reincorporate those things into my life because they make me taste the unhappiness yet at the same time physiologically produce good results to the body and mind.

The purpose of life isn't to enjoy, but rather to endure. Once you get this straight, a lot of depression instantly goes away. In fact, that is the real enlightenment, to understand that life is hopeless and full of suffering.

It's like going to Cornell, there's a lot of suffering in the tough courses. But when you graduate, you feel so good that the whole process was worth it.

There are a variety of things I could do with my life. I could go to medical school, law school, or get a PhD in Finance. I could get a job in a bank or I could learn computer languages and get an IT job somewhere in the world.

The whole thing is pointless though because life is lived just one day at a time. The goal doesn't matter, whether it is doctor, lawyer, or professor. It's all about the journey, living life one day at a time. It's not even about eating tasty food. It's about eating healthy food for a long-term purpose. Sure you could add sugar to a diluted blended pineapple juice or you could drink it without sugar. You can also drink straight up black coffee or herbal teas.

It's very important to have no purpose in life because only in that purposelessness do you see that life is just one big game. If you look at the backgrounds of all the rich millionaires, you will see that they come from all kinds of backgrounds, all creative endeavors. Rarely are they medical doctors or people from high paying professions.

The key is to just jump around from place to place, from one job to another job, but there's no goal in it. That's how I feel success happens. It's about climbing the ladder in a zig-zag fashion. And rarely is there any true certainty in life.

I think one of the most important things is to not enjoy your food. Because enjoying your food makes you live for pleasure in life, and with that pleasure brings as equal level of disappointment, especially because all pleasurable food is inherently unhealthy.

But even that is debatable because some of the longest lived people lived on beer, pizza, chocolate, and cigarretes.

But at the same time, you can't argue and say that drinking fresh green juices don't work in improving health.

In life, you have to be a survivor and not a thriver. By that what I mean is that you have to endure lots of pain in life in order to really be successful because success is simply a perspective and not an objective reality.

The Purpose of Life is to Suffer

hi guys, i want to write about what i feel the purpose of life really is, and it might be controversial. i feel that the purpose of life is to simply suffer. i say this because if you live life for pleasure and if things don't go your way, then you will suffer much more than if you held the idea that the purpose of life was to suffer.

it's a kind of reverse psychology. instead of asking girls on dates to get success, you ask all kinds of girls on dates to get rejected; and when you do this, you interestingly have much more power and much more statistical chance of success.

it's like this. if you went to med school with the purpose of failing out, you won't get nervous before your exams and you won't get nervous or scared while preparing for the boards. then if you fail, it's not a big deal. but if you pass, then it is a great celebration.

now, i'm not saying that you do things intentionally to suffer, but in a way it is true.

i was thinking about my chances of becoming a doctor from CMU, and if i finished from there I would not be able to practice in my dream state of California. so i would be successful in one way but also be suffering in another way.

it's kind of like the tablets i am taking right now. on one hand i am suffering by taking them and on another hand they are bringing a little more balance into my life perhaps.

i think the fundamental problem is that i've been trying to live a happy life all these years. and that is why i kept going off my medications because i wanted to have a six-pack instead of being obese.

but now i am feeling that it is better to suffer than to succeed because the ultimate goal of life is the ultimate destruction of the body. either your body burns to ashes or is buried 6 feet under the ground.

for the longest time i was practicing intuitive eating which means to eat for pleasure. but now i feel that it is better to eat for a purpose like being a fruitarian or eating food with no oil, salt, or sugar.

one of the greatest sins is to eat for pleasure because it automatically creates the opposite in the back of your mind. you want to eat pizza, but if you eat the pizza, you will be unhappy with your body.

on the other hand, you don't want to eat only fruits, but if you do, your body will thank you. of course, nothing is perfect and eating only fruits may also create some problems in and of itself.

my main thinking right now is to do nothing and just observe life. i'm not planning to do a job, even if i return to america. and if i end up with no money and have to become homeless, then i am willing to accept that outcome.

this strategy may look crazy to the untrained eye, but it is the only strategy that is really practical. you have to be willing to lose everything if you are willing to gain everything. it's just like fasting for 30 days. the body destroys all the toxins and fat and you become a new person. but it's not easy at all, you have to go through a lot of suffering.

but as i see it, everyone who made it really great in life went through tremendous suffering. and even the movie stars and music stars like jay sean or justin bieber have a lot of personal problems in their life. the success that they have can't erase the vacillating human mind. that's why so many stars are now being diagnosed as bipolar.

you see, when i went to medical school i got accepted to 4 medical schools--lecom-bradenton, nova southeastern, sgu, and western university of health sciences. i chose western simply because it was in los angeles, although in my mind i knew that i would ace lecom-bradenton with it's PBL curriculum. but i didn't choose it, thinking that i would suffer from being in the south and that i wouldn't form any friendships or relationships being near tampa, florida. there were other reasons as well, but this was the main reason. however, i didn't form any relationships either at western and ultimately failed!

so i would have been much better off had i gone to lecom-bradenton and passed. i would have been a doctor by now. but as i see it, life is an unfolding mystery. even the nice apple imac computer i am typing this on, is a purchase that i made in the manic state. and i got married to a great woman last year simply by making the choice that i would be willing to get an arranged marriage to any woman, irrespective of her beauty, because i had hit the rock bottom of loneliness and realized that any woman is better than no woman.

and that is really what i am saying when i say that i will do no job and then become homeless if the money runs out. what i am really saying is that if i need to get a job, then definitely i will do some job (if i feel like it). it takes time to kill the ego which says that you're an ivy league graduate with 2 masters degrees and that you should be doing a high paying job instead of a low paying job.

really, there is no such thing as depression. i say this because depression is the real joy because depression is much more stable than mania. in mania, there is no real joy because you feel like a rock star but you realize that you're not one and this conflict makes you go insane. at least in depression, it is a very real feeling. you know what you are in depression.

maybe my life would indeed be much better if i finished up from CMU and became a doctor in some state where no one wants to work. maybe i'd have more money and live in a bigger house that way. maybe i'd get used to the snow and grey skies in the winter.

or i could live in los angeles and do no job or find some small job in a bank somewhere. it's funny because the real happiness isn't just external it's also biochemical. eating only fruits and boiled vegetables can change your happiness tremendously as compared to eating pizza.

20 January 2014

I am thinking of tapering off my allopathic meds for bipolar disorder. Today, I am going to see a doctor who specializes in all the 3 healing modalities of ayurvedic, homeopathic, and allopathic. So I'm hoping that the condition can be ameliorated by an alternative holistic approach without side effects.

I really think the biggest cure for bipolar in my case was getting married. In the past, I used to worry nearly all of my free time about how to get or attract a complementary girlfriend with high values such as being a vegetarian and not drinking, smoking, and doing any drugs.

So mysteriously I got married 7 months ago, and it has been great. I really think sigmeund freud was correct in his assertion that psychiatric problems are basically rooted in sexual repression, and this is why in india whenever there is a mad guy, they try to get him married very quickly in order to solve the problem.

I don't really think that I even have bipolar disorder, but rather it was kundalini syndrome where the kundalini energy gets stuck in the head. If it were classical bipolar disorder, I would have been self-medicating with recreational drugs all these years and would have had multiple suicide attempts. But that's not the case. It's just that the doctors classify whatever looks abnormal as either bipolar or schizophrenia. They don't know how to handle spiritual or kundalini emergencies, and by nature they can't do that because science is supposed to be separate from religion.

But the truth is that even the psychiatrist could go mad if he didn't assimilate well into society or if he didn't get married and have a family. Bipolar is on the rise all over the world because more and more people don't fit in into society.

Basically I think the key is to eat good food and have a good sexual life, and then everything is different. I don't feel that these tablets are necessary. Maybe they would be necessary if I didn't get married, even then lots of vigorous exercise such as long distance marathon running could probably also cure the condition.

I mean if you think about it, all we need to stay in balance is food, sex, exercise, and sleep. Then our minds will work properly. But if you don't have enough or the right type of these 4 things, you are bound to get imbalanced. There are some people who run 150 mile ultramarathons. Now why do they do this? They do this because if they didn't do it, they would end up with severe depression or even mania.

I remember when I was in high school and in college, during finals week, I would go off my diet and literally pig out on all the junk food that I could get, and I would ace my finals. Usually food is the compensation for lack of sex. In med school, the primary reasons why I failed was that I was dieting. I didn't eat according to my stress level, so my mind couldn't concentrate on whatever I was reading. You need to have good food and good exercise, but food is the most important. I'm not talking about protein or amino acids, but just the emotional reaction to eating a good amount of good food. I am certain I would have made all A's in med school if I had gained 100 pounds through eating a huge feast every day. One doctor did exactly that and then he wrote a book on how he lost the 100 pounds after med school!

But very few people go to these lengths to discover how to be in balance. They just take it for granted that it is normal to be in balance. But nobody is normal. In Russia, they did a study on incurable schizophrenics who were not responding to treatment, and what they did was make them fast for 25 days on just water. And then, 7,000 of these patients, nearly all of them, became normal and suddenly happy about life.

In fact, I am certain those who are labeled as schizophrenics, have the most sexual repression, and to get this handled they need to really eat good food, exercise a lot, be in the sun a lot, and do some rounds of fasting. And after doing all this, they might get married and become normal again. I've seen it myself in the mental hospital last year, none of these schizophrenics get any better, no matter how many times they shock their brains with electricity.

I personally think that vigorous cardio was the reason why I was normal all these years until my first bipolar episode 5 years ago. I used to exercise over 4 hours a day in high school, and this was probably what kept me in balance, even though there was a lot of sexual repression due to my high values. There is even one book called "Spark" which talks about how a high school in America got the #1 world ranking in math and science because they installed treadmills in the classroom and made everyone exercise for 1 hour a day. So exercise really does something to your brain.

And if you exercise vigorously enough, it is easy to have good sleep cycles.

12 January 2014

on stardom...

i've been thinking about the kind of life that a movie or music star lives, such as the life of jay sean. i see his facebook posts and basically he goes to a bunch of parties and travels the world meeting influential and creative people.

maybe my interest in stardom is because in mania i feel like a movie star or music star or even like the president or prime minister of a country or a great yogi. after all, nobody became great by accident, they became great because they felt greatness inside of them before it manifested in reality.

also i was similar to a star when i was in med school in grenada due to my youtube videos.

so yeah basically jay sean is this big star now, but i am sure that he is human and has his own ups and downs. i don't think the music industry is as glamorous as it seems because it's still a business and you get tired being on tour all the time.

i'm not saying that they don't enjoy the stardom, but that there is a down side to it as well. as long as you have enough money to survive, it doesn't matter whether you are a famous billionaire or a guy who just spends all his time sleeping and browsing the Internet.

the basic thing to realize is that life is just like a rolling movie, and what we need to discover is how to change our energy patterns so that we feel better. that's why i spend so much time researching about diet and nutrition because food is the main thing that controls our energy. and sometimes we have more stable energy by not eating than by eating. that's why i really believe in intuitive eating so every day is different in terms of what i eat.

actually drinking lots of water is more energizing than eating lots of food.

anyways, in my own way i'm like a movie or music star because i'm aware that enjoying life has nothing to do with having lots of money and traveling all around the world. enjoying life is just about enjoying one day at a time, and i have my own tools for enjoyment. i can enjoy ice cream or pizza whenever i feel like it. i can even enjoy water if i want to drink water. so my eating and drinking patterns are so refined and aware that i am able to enjoy the cheapest and simplest foods.

and i already know that i'm one of the smartest and most creative and interesting people in the world, so i don't need to be hired into a movie to prove that to anyone.

had i not ended up in any mental hospitals the past 5 years, i would have already been much more successful, but we get wiser as time goes by.

i already know what it's like to be really famous and popular. but having the opposite experience also provides a lot of insight into the nature of life.

one of the most richest things we can have in our life is positive relationships. and that is something which is priceless. the next richest thing is food.

but peace of mind cannot be purchased simply through a lot of money, fame, or status. even presidents of countries drink lots of alcohol and smoke a lot of cigarettes because they don't know any other way to relax.

they have everything that money can buy, but they need these drugs to keep them in balance.

so money is only helpful up to a certain point.

right now, my life is pretty good. it would be better if i had a six-pack but i have to balance out my condition with tablets so that's that.

getting married was the best decision i made in my life. in america, i would have basically no chance to get married because all the indian-american girls want to marry normal people who are settled in their careers, like doctors or wall-street finance people. and my habits were too pure for people in america since i don't drink, smoke, do any drugs, and also because i'm a vegetarian. so i couldn't be social with anyone because i don't like going to clubs and bars and being around people under the influence of substances. finally, there's the race factor where people of other races usually don't like Indians. even if you look at jay sean, he is marketed to look like a Latino instead of a hairy Indian. that's why he's always clean shaven in his pictures and has a very short haircut. 10 years ago he looked totally different.

i want to tell you guys the real secret to success as i see it. the real secret to success is your diet. the secret to success is what you put in your body, so you have to be really attentive to what you're eating and drinking. just drinking 1 liter of water extra per day will make a huge difference in how you view reality.

i say the real secret is diet, because it's the only thing that you can really control; whereas you can't control relationships. this is because food isn't really food. food is a comfort and emotional vehicle.

so yes, you can feel as good or even better than jay sean or kajal agarwal or hrithik roshan, if you eat the right foods. the main food to eat is a lot of water!

and if you become a fruitarian, your whole world will change. then you can become a mahatma gandhi.

ok, i feel like eating some fruit and drinking some water now...

11 January 2014

To Be Successful...

so i became manic or had a very high energy state like 2 weeks ago and the doctor just increased my dosage so that i would be subdued. essentially i had 2 sleepless nights and my energy was rising too fast.

i don't really like these allopathic medicines but they seem to work the most effectively in controlling mania. however they lead to a lot of depression due to the resulting weight gain and knowledge that these meds are toxic to the body as a whole.

i am planning to take the meds for an additional one year at which point i will decide what to do next. my prediction is that i will gain probably 20 kgs more which is like 45 pounds. right now i weigh 220, so i will probably go up to 265 by this time next year.

there's really nothing i can do except go to the gym and try different ways of eating. i don't want to go to a mental hospital at all this year, so that is why i plan to continue with the meds this whole year.

as far as me doing a job, i don't plan on doing a job at all. i will probably go back to america in a couple of years but i don't plan on doing a job there either. if anything, i may start some kind of online business.

there's just no point in doing a job. of course if i had to do a job as an absolute necessity to survive, i would either choose to become homeless or i would find some job.

i am finding that my cornell degree has no weight in the job search, and its real meaning is in surviving tough situations in life. they say that if you can graduate from cornell, you can make it anywhere in the world.

i had really tough situations in my life such as failing out in two good med schools, and then later going to mental hospitals several times. i kept trying alternative therapies ranging from yoga, homeopathic medicine, ayurvedic medicine, pH miracle, and good support from my Dad. but none of these things worked and i ended up psychotic several times. of course there was also a deep spiritual component to all these episodes, but the episodes were psychotic at the same time.

so my thinking has changed from trying to be this perfect guy with a six-pack to just being obese and being on the tablets. i am trying to find balance in all areas of my life instead of just focusing on my physique.

you see i know what causes success. success is just made out of a successful mindset. it's just made up of a constant effort to be successful.

so in a way, success is inevitable if you have a success consciousness, but it takes time for that to materialize.

often we don't have the patience for that so we try to become doctors because that has the highest salary on average.

it's much much harder to wait and be patient for success to come to you, but that is the only way where you can be really successful.

and to be really successful isn't to have a million or billion dollars, it's just to roll with the nature of life because most of us are going to die at some point in this life.

to be honest, just being ordinary is far more successful than being a big-shot movie or music star. because we don't know the hidden stress that goes on their lives. sure they get to travel all around the world and meet influential people, but they also don't have any privacy and they all have a secret pain inside.

just last week a Telugu movie star who was 33 years old and acted in 19 movies committed suicide. he had his own secret pain.

life is just a game. i think i would have been better off had i not gone to med school in the first place, but i wanted the job security and financial status.

the best part now is that i've become highly philosophical about life, and it's really helping me to put my experiences in perspective.

the main thing is to live life just one day at a time the best way possible. and if you can do that, day by day, your whole year will be successful.

colleges don't teach this brand of spirituality and money making. all they teach is bottom-line facts. they don't teach you how to survive and thrive in life. in fact they teach nothing about life at all. i think this is because there are too many major religions in the world. so no college in America wants to teach a Hindu philosophy of life or a New Age philosophy of life.

but they don't teach this kind of stuff in India either. to think outside the box, you have to be willing to go homeless to pursue your passion, which is in doing nothing at all except eating good food and browsing the Internet.

i told my Mom 5 years ago that I would not go back to med school but instead I would continue to study medicine from the textbooks just for fun. and no parent, especially a doctor, wants to hear this because it looks like you haven't settled in life.

but this is true. you will lead a far more successful life if you just follow your passion, no matter how ridiculous it looks to other people. life is too short to live any other way.

i could go back to med school after a couple of years, but right now i don't see any point in it. i think most patients would do better on a high fruit diet than on medications and surgeries.

presently, i know of no one who thinks the way that i do about business and life. i think that you should only do a job you love to do, and if you don't love it then don't do it. it's better even to become homeless and die like a dog on the street than to not live a passionate life.

but i guess sometimes it is better to get a job. it all depends. whatever i am saying is hypothetical because i'm not in that situation. but philosophically speaking i think it is better to enjoy life than to be slave to the workforce.

25 December 2013

Bodybuilding as a South Indian Vegetarian

just got back from the gym after a 25 minute workout, did cardio for 8 minutes on the stationary bike.

doing cardio is absolutely pointless and counterproductive as it just eats up muscle tissue and creates water loss.

it's odd to see so many people on the treadmills and ellipticals when both men and women can simply lift weights for 15 minutes and get better results. sure, the physique change will take longer but it will create a much healthier body with greater bone density than doing cardio.

the best cardio is to take a nice walk outside and absorb the Vitamin D from the sun.

also, everyone is obsessed with getting a 6 pack, but a 6 pack doesn't do anything. it is pretty pointless and actually unhealthy because the hormones shut down at single digit body fat levels.

it's better to be big, muscular, and fat and have blood boiling inside of you instead of ripped with a six pack but with weak blood.

it's just like how all the guys are shaving their chests and beards. it's so funny because no one wants to look like a man anymore, and nowadays you can't tell the difference between a man and a woman!

obesity is not a problem at all. obesity is actually a good thing because it means that people are enjoying eating good food. so the only thing missing is the weight lifting.

dieting is very dangerous because you can really play games with your metabolism and hormone production.

i would say that everyone needs a minimum of 4,000 calories per day; with about 30% of the calories coming from saturated fat from buffalo milk. you can also drink lou corona's "gorilla milk" which is a nut based milk.

so obesity is not an epidemic. obesity is the greatest thing that has happened to mankind. it just has to be channeled with weightlifting and yoga and pranayama breathing techniques.

all the great spiritual yogi's are super fat with huge insulation along their myelin sheaths in their brain and spinal cord. this is because to carry more spiritual power or electricity, you also need to be really grounded by eating a lot of fats.

fruits are also great, and we all need to eat 3 apples a day in the form of my signature apple soup.

finally, let's get controversial here, pizza is the greatest health food there is. this is because it is loaded with saturated fat, lycopene, and carbohydrates. in bodybuilding which is really health building, we should always be in bulking season and never in cutting season.

all men should get rid of the idea of having a six pack. it's how well you love life and love your food that really matters. just hit the gym and lift weights. but do it in a sustainable way and you don't need to focus on dogma like reps and sets. just lift something until you feel a pleasurable state and then put the weight down. and do it over and over again.

14 December 2013

More on Blended Liquidarianism

So today is day 3 of my liquidarian phase. It has gone really well. I blended up some whole food meals like brown rice and mixed vegetable curry. It was pretty good and I realized the true purpose of food: to make the body robust. That's the only true purpose of food.

And really food isn't necessary for the human body as we were originally breatharians and fruitarians.

But I believe in this blended liquidarianism because it makes perfect logical and intuitive sense to me. The small intestine can absorb the nutrients maximally into the bloodstream when you eat blended food.

Also when you eat only blended food, you realize that man's natural preferred fuel is from fruits. I mean do you think that a cheese pizza blended up would really be that appealing as compared to blended mango juice?

My goal now is to get superior blood values in the next 6 months, so I am shifting away from the outer focus on weight loss to an inner focus of super healthy blood. I want to have the healthiest blood in all of India.

Also, I am not going to restrict my calories, but instead I will do the opposite. I will eat the blended food freely so that I get super nutrition, and I will drink a good amount of water as well.

I also believe that I will lose weight over the next 6 months of doing this simply because the body will have much more nutrition than ever before and by eating more food I will be bumping up my metabolism. And the body would be getting detoxified because blended foods are much easier to digest and eliminate than chewed foods. So each day will be a detoxification with each bowel movement.